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Three Reasons Why I Want to Produce Video in Rio

By July 23, 2016Blog

Getting the chance to produce video news stories in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games is an amazing opportunity for three reasons.

First is culture shock; the combination not only of culture in Rio and Brazil, but cultures from all over the world, in one location. Seeing firsthand the differences in behavior, pace of living, conversation, and food is a fascinating exercise, and it can’t get any better than when dozens of cultures meet together to celebrate and compete in the Olympic Games.

The second experience is learning how to work in an environment as busy as the Olympic Games. Speed is at a premium in sports, not only on the field but in the negotiations and transactions which take place among sports franchises, media organizations, and networks. Witnessing this in Rio will help provide an understanding of what it would be like to follow this career path. This trip will truly shape my work ethic by providing a demanding schedule and an opportunity to collaborate in groups with people of all kinds of backgrounds.

The third experience is the actual work itself. Our hope is to create video content to strengthen our portfolios that will be competitive with other applicants in the job market. The work will hone my interviewing, editing, and videography – especially on a short deadline. The Rio exercise should provide a simulation of the work environment of a sports journalist.

About Patrick Willard

Videographer for the Flamengo production team in the Queens in Rio project, Patrick Willard is a communication major from Greensboro, N.C.

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